Go-To Solution for Dry Eyes

Go-To Solution for Dry Eyes

Are you looking for relief from dry, itchy eyes caused by inflammation of your skin and eyes? Are you tired of using drops and having no lasting relief? The procedure treats inflammation threatening the skin and eyelids while rejuvenating and improving appearance. The procedure is fast and has NO downtime, so you can go about your day immediately after the treatment. Please schedule an appointment to discuss this exciting and novel treatment with Anew.

Anew provides the best dry eye treatment in Bangalore.

Anew offers this safe and precise procedure for patients who desire a comfortable and effective treatment for dry eye disease. IPL is Intense Pulsed Light technology that provides immediate relief, treats the root cause of the problem and improves dry eye.


IPL is Intense Pulsed Light, a technology used for various skin treatments. With Lumenis Optima IPL, you can treat inflammation of the skin and eyelids with maximum safety, comfort, and customization.

How does it work?

With IPL technology, light pulses penetrate the tissue and create heat, targeting abnormal vessels that cause inflammation. The body's natural reaction to the treatment removes the abnormal vessels and heals the inflammation threatening the skin and eyelids. IPL technology treats skin and eyelid inflammation while improving the overall skin appearance.

Lumenis IPL is trusted by leading professionals worldwide and FDA-cleared for over 20 skin indications.

Lumenis energy-based treatments must be performed by a physician or authorized provider in your region. Consult your treatment provider before choosing this treatment.

Optima IPL Treatment

Your doctor will apply coupling gel to the treatment area to ensure comfort. You will wear IPL protective goggles/pads for eye safety during the whole treatment session. Each session lasts approximately 15 minutes. You might experience a warm sensation during the treatment as light is applied to the skin. However, the treatment is gentle and should not feel uncomfortable.

What Should I Expect After Treatment?

Immediately following treatment, you may experience redness around the treated areas that usually disappears within a few hours. Makeup may be applied immediately, and daily activities can be resumed the same day. Your physician should advise you to stay out of direct sunlight for a few days following treatment and apply sunscreen.

Clinical trials, research, and patient reviews prove that Lumenis Optima IPL treatments provide instant relief from the worst dry eye conditions. It's a revolutionary treatment for skin and eyelid inflammation, so you can expect results immediately after your procedure.

In addition to that relief, you may notice slight redness around your treated areas. This is simply a common and harmless response to the heat of IPL technology and will disappear in a few hours. There's virtually no recovery time to worry about, so you can resume normal activities and apply makeup the same day.

You can say goodbye to painful and damaging dry eye symptoms for good with only a few treatments! Call Anew today to learn more. Anew offers the best dry eye treatment in Bangalore.

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