Tips for maintaining healthy hair

Tips for maintaining healthy hair

Losing 100-200 strands is normal. However, the problem occurs when new hair doesn’t grow back in place of the old one. This is called hair fall or hair loss.

As a part of the hair growth cycle, hair fall is a natural phenomenon. Whereas hair loss is due to the effect of genetic causes known as the androgenic alopecia. Therefore, hair can regrow after the hair fall. It, however, stops growing if it is a case of hair loss issue.

Here are some tips you can follow to take care of and maintain healthy hair:

  1. Trim your hair every month
    It is important that you trim your hair every month to get rid of the rough and dry split ends. It is advised to trim 1/4th inch of hair every month to maintain your hair health

  2. Avoid frequent washes
    One must avoid frequent washing of hair. Frequent hair washes can expose the hair to unwanted chemicals and damage them. It is important that you dry your hair well without using much heat
  3. Use a good shampoo and conditioner
    Organic shampoos can help protect your hair from much damage and help protect your hair from all the extra damage. It is also advisable to use the same shampoo and conditioner to help maximize the benefits these products do to your hair
  4. Avoid chemical treatments if you have dry hair
    Dry hair is prone to breakage and damage. Chemical treatments dry your hair out even more. It is recommended that you avoid any kind of chemical treatment on your hair. In case it is already done, it is advised to use a good hair mask or an extra-moisturizing conditioner to protect your hair and make it smooth and silky

  5. Use a good quality hair protectant
    It is a very important step to follow which is usually neglected during hair styling. A good hair protectant is necessary to protect your hair from all the heat that the hair is subjected to during the styling.

Hair is the crowning glory of the body. Taking good care of it is very important. If you are suffering from any kind of issues with your hair, visit us at Anew Aesthetic daycare centre to find a solution.

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