Why should you opt for a pre-bridal makeover at ANEW?

Why should you opt for a pre-bridal makeover at ANEW?

Getting married is a special milestone in almost every person’s life and looking flawless on your special day comes right after. We all want to look perfect in the wedding pictures and in public where you are the center of attraction.

However, work stress, family stress, and wedding stress can take the most out of you and drain your energy. All this can leads to imperfections and the bride/groom losing their glow in most cases.These kinds of stress are almost inevitable. Do not worry! We, at ANEW aesthetic daycare, have got you covered.

At ANEW, we curate and customize a range of skin, hair, dental and other kinds of body treatments according to your needs and provide you with a package to make you shimmer and shine on your big day by our expert Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Prem Anand. This must be started at least 3 months prior to the wedding month. With our packages, We make sure that the way you look on your big day is as flawless as you are!

One of the common concerns areas for a bride-to-be or a groom-to-be is their skin and its problems. All the lights and cameras flashing over your face will highlight any kind of imperfection that you might be cautious about. With the help of our skincare services, we can help you get the flawless skin of your dreams. Hyper-pigmentation, scars, birthmarks, moles, etc can be lightened using Laser treatments and other advanced treatments at our center.

The next concern is that of a perfect smile. At a wedding, there will be photographs and photographs last forever. A good, happy and healthy smile uplifts a picture like nothing else. With the help of our dental services, get that perfect smile that you dream of by getting rid of all your oral imperfections!

Not perfectly fitting into that Lehenga or tuxedo of yours? The next concern can be weight. Putting on weight is inevitable for most of us. And all the wedding festivities contribute more! You can opt for liposuction and get rid of the extra kilos and flaunt your attire on your big day.

Another concern could be body hair. Body hair stopping you from wearing that backless lehenga? Using the FDA approved best Lumenis light sheer systems for laser hair reduction program, we help in the permanent reduction of your body hair.

Who doesn’t want beautiful, thick and lush hair? At our center, you can get that through our advanced treatments with the help of our expert. Flaunt your crowning glory on your big day and turn heads at your wedding.

You can opt for many other services such as facials, nail treatments and other kinds of treatments for all your concerns. We also provide endocrine and nutrition management, consultation for contraceptive methods, pre-marital counseling and so on to help the bride or groom feel at ease and have a stress-free glow on their big day. If you are getting married soon, opt for a pre-bridal makeover at ANEW aesthetic center today!

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