Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of your unwanted hairs? Finally you may want to go for laser hair removal in Bangalore. Chances are you’ve already thought about just how nice it would be to undergo a few quick laser treatments and never have to worry about shaving, waxing, or plucking unwanted hair again.

Here at Anew Cosmetic & Laser Clinic in Bangalore, we’ve helped lots of people in the Whitefield & Banashankari area get rid of undesirable facial or body hair for good, and we can help you, too.

Although you can schedule a laser hair removal appointment with our specialist at any time, it’s best to go through the process sometime between November and April — otherwise known as laser hair removal season. “Just as the summer months are the best time to go bare, the winter months are the best time to undergo laser hair removal in Bangalore @ Anew”.

Top 3 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal During Winter:

1. You’ll need to avoid waxing

If waxing or plucking was your pre-laser hair removal method, you\’ll need to give it a break while undergoing laser hair removal. This is because a hair follicle needs to be present for the laser to be attracted to, in order to disrupt hair growth. Thankfully, this is a lot easier to avoid during winter as you’re less likely to be wearing shorts, bikinis or other clothing which may expose the area.

2. It’s easier to avoid the sun

Generally we get less sun exposure during the winter months, which is ideal for laser hair reduction because sun exposure and fake tanning should be avoided throughout the entire course of the treatment.

3. Preparation for laser hair removal is easier in the winter

During warm summer months when you’re used to maintaining a stricter hair removal practice, it can be more challenging to avoid waxing and other treatments that give you the smooth, hair-free skin you want. Going through the process in the winter months means you can keep those stubbly areas covered up, and you’ll be less tempted to just rip that unwanted hair out at the root.  

Why choose Anew Aesthetic Daycare for Laser Hair Removal

  • Painless
  • Highly safe
  • More effective
  • Long lasting
  • Gold standard USFDA APPROVED laser hair removal machine is used.- LIGHTSHEER
  • Works on all skin types, including tanned skin, on all hair types, including residual hair
  • Only certified therapists/doctors will do the laser procedure.
  • 2300+ laser hair removal procedures done.
  • 19+ Years of Experience

Our Laser Hair Removal Offers this Winter


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Upper Lip ₹ 14,999
Chin ₹ 15,999
Underarms ₹ 24,999
Bikini (Full) ₹ 29,999
Full Body
(Unlimited Areas)
₹ 99,999

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