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HBOT Therapy in Goa

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (also known as HBOT) is proven to offer anti-aging benefits through healing or regrowth of damaged cells. Patients breathe high dose oxygen while the pressure of the treatment chamber is slowly increased. Under pressure the oxygen we breath goes directly into the blood plasma as well as hemoglobin and into solution throughout the liquid in the body, creating a better delivery system of oxygen to the tissue, and delivering up to 20 times the normal tissue saturation. Each cell is saturated with oxygen, accelerating the body’s natural healing processes.

Oxygen therapy can help to increase the body’s antioxidant defenses, raise metabolism, and counteract hypoxic levels that lead to sluggish cell activity and oxidative stress. Research has shown that it can also help to improve the efficiency of hemoglobin and put oxygen directly into the plasma in large quantities saturating tissue with life-giving oxygen.

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy treatment, commonly known as HBOT treatment, is used to treat a multitude of diseases. It finds its way back to the 1600s. A British clergyman named Henshaw developed a fully functional chamber pressurized with air and unpressurized with bellows. He called it the “Domicilium”. The main aim of this treatment is to provide 100% pure breathing oxygen.

Hbot Therapy in Goa

Dr. Prem Anand is a consulting Facio Maxillary and aesthetic surgeon known for performing the best HBOT Treatment in Goa. Our surgeon is the director of Anew Aesthetic center and has completed his MDS(OMFS), FICOI (USA), FAM (GER), MAAAM (USA) and LASERPLAST (ITALY).

Why should you opt for HBOT treatment?

Red blood cells travel throughout the body carrying all the essential nutrients and gases to different parts of the body. One of the main gases is oxygen which is required to maintain the health of the organs and the overall body. This also helps in quick healing of wounds.

In health conditions like diabetes or radiation therapy, the healing process becomes slow. This is when HBOT treatment comes to the rescue.

What is The Procedure Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

  • This therapy begins with a person lying on a bench or table. It is a one-person chamber.
  • This bench or table then slides into a clear plastic tube
  • Inside this tube, the person is administered with 100 percent oxygen
  • The person must then breathe-in and breathe-out so that the oxygen is supplied well to the red blood cells in the body
  • The pressure of the air inside the chamber is also higher than usual

Some medical facilities provide multiple chambers for multiple people. The treatment session can last for one or two hours. The treatment is done in a number of sessions depending on the requirement of the patient.

Procedure of Hbot

When is HBOT treatment recommended?

When you enter an HBOT chamber, your body is exposed to 100 percent oxygen and a higher level of air pressure than normal. This stimulates the body by providing more oxygen to the body which in turn reaches the Red Blood Cells and initiates faster healing of the wounds.

In some cases, there is excessive exposure to carbon monoxide to a person. Carbon monoxide can cause some serious damage to the tissues. HBOT treatment provides oxygen to the tissues that are damaged by carbon monoxide exposure

Other conditions where HBOT treatment is used is decompression sickness. This is caused due to:

  • A stroke
  • Carbon monoxide exposure
  • Traumatic injury of the brain
  • Water Diving

Precautions to be taken while undergoing HBOT treatment

The risks involved in a HBOT treatment are low. However, carrying any item that can catch fire must be avoided during your HBOT therapy. Here is a list of things to be avoided during your HBOT therapy:

  • Lighters
  • Matchbox
  • Battery-operated devices

What is the Cost of HBOT in Goa?

HBOT Cost in Goa will vary from one clinic to another, However, a good number of sessions are required to completely heal from any medical conditions. Thereby, the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment cost will sum up to 1,50,000 or more depending on the number of sessions your medical condition requires in order to heal.

Cost of Hbot

Some Commonly asked FAQ’s about HBOT Treatment

1) Is HBOT harmful?

There is very little risk of any kind of side effects. However, there are a few major side effects that can occur but these side effects happen when the session lasts for more than 2 hours.

2) What is HBOT used for?

The main use of HBOT therapy treatment is to improve the medical conditions of patients.

3) What are the side effects of HBOT?

The common side effects of the HBOT treatment is as follows:

  • Sinus damage
  • Lung damage
  • Rupture of the middle ear
  • Myopia or near-sightedness
  • Oxygen poisoning
4) How long does one session of HBOT take?

It depends on your medical condition. A session will last for about 30 minutes to 2 hours.

5) Will I have to continuously undergo HBOT treatment to be healthy?

Every medical condition requires a few sessions. Once the sessions are completed, you will have complete healing from your medical condition.

6) Are there any precautions to be taken before starting my HBOT treatment?

Here are a few precautions to take prior to your surgery:

  • Any kind of cold or flu symptoms must be notified to the technician
  • Inform your HBOT technician about the medications you are taking
  • Refrain from the use of any kind of tobacco products
  • All kinds of hair and wound care products must be stopped
  • Any kind of flammable products must not be carried during the treatment
7) Are there any precautions to be taken after i finish my HBOT treatment?

The precautions mentioned above are the same precautions you must take post your HBOT treatment

8) Is HBOT treatment FDA approved?

HBOT is FDA approved in conditions like

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Crush injury
  • Decompression sickness
  • Exceptional blood loss or anemia
  • Osteomyelitis (Refractory
9) Can a person with any kind of medical condition undergo HBOT?

Yes. When done by a certified and experienced doctor, The risk is relatively low.

10) Is HBOT and MRI scan the same?

No. The two are not the same. Their purpose and method of operation are different from each other.

Authored By Dr. K Prem Anand - Facio Maxillary & Aesthetic Surgeon, Goa

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