Botox Bank

Save on Botox® with the Botox® Bank at Anew

Plan ahead and receive a discounted price of Rs 290/- * per unit!

An exclusive Anew An advanced aesthetic daycare offering, the Botox® Bank program allows our clients to save on their annual Botox® treatments with a discounted price of only Rs 290/- * per unit. With your Anew provider, we will determine the annual amount of Botox® treatments needed each year.

Benefits of the Botox® Bank

Pre-plan your annual Botox® needs and save!

Botox® pricing is locked in for the length of the plan – no price increases

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Our Results

See before and after photos of our Botox® transformations!

Botox Before After
Botox Before After
Botox Before After

Anew Cosmetic Injector

Dr K Prem Anand


Dr. K Prem Anand is one of the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Bangalore and having 17 years of experience at various hospitals. He is presently the Promoter & Director at Anew Cosmetic Centre engaged in all types of Laser & Dental Treatments in Bangalore.

He is dedicated and exclusively well trained internationally for all types of Medical LASERS for complete cosmetic work, and has a team of plastic surgeons to carry out the tip to toe plastic and reconstructive work also armed with international experts of Laser cosmetic surgeons.

Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Bangalore

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