Chin Surgery

Chin surgery also termed as Genioplasty is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin by chin augmentation or reduction. Augmentation involves increasing the projection of the chin and reduction involves decrease the chin size. The procedure is used in individuals who are born with asymmetrical chins and helps to alter the profile of the face and balance out facial features.

During the surgery, the bone from the jaw can be moved forward by placing silicone implants to project the chin. Similarly bone from the jaw can be removed to decrease the projection of the chin. Apart from improving the aesthetic appearance, chin surgery is also recommended for improving the occlusion of the teeth (contact between upper and lower arch teeth). In few cases, chin surgery is combined with rhinoplasty or nose surgery to improve the overall aesthetic appearance and to attain symmetry and balance to the face.

Chin surgery procedure

  • Reshaping chin surgery is performed by using chin implants or by repositioning the jaw bone supporting the chin. The implants used to increase the size of the chin are available in various types and are manufactured using silicone and other substances.
  • Before the procedure, the aesthetic surgeon discuss on the implant used based on the requirement of the patients. We have software tools that provide images that show the result of the surgery and allow the patients the view the results and to understand how the changes affect the look of your face.
  • Implant type used for chin augmentation are usually synthetic of solid silicone that resembles as the existing tissue of the chin. Another option of the chin implant is ePTFE that is porous and allows the tissues to grow on the implant. This type of implant is stronger and solid that silicone implant.
  • The process is initiated by administering a dose of general anesthetic to reduce the pain and discomfort during the procedure. The aesthetic surgeon makes an incision on the inner side of the lower lip were the lower gum meets the lip or under the chin area. The surgeon then stretches the tissues in the area to accommodate the implant and inserts the implant to reposition the chin. If the surgery is performed to reduce the chin projection, a part of the bone in the area is dented to reduce the chin projection. The incision is closed and sutured.
  • The chin surgery takes around an hour to complete and may extend to 2 hours if performed in combination with rhinoplasty. Applying an ice pack to the treated area helps reduce swelling and discomfort. The incision scars are not visible. Care should be taken in not to involve stressful physical activities during the healing phase.

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Authored By Dr. K Prem Anand - Facio Maxillary & Aesthetic Surgeon, Bangalore