Ear Surgery

Ear surgery also referred as otoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to improve the shape, position or proportion of the ears. The procedure rectifies any defect in the structure of the ears that is present from the childbirth or caused by an accident or injury. The ear surgery helps create a natural shape and bring balance and proportion to the face.

The ear surgery is most commonly performed in children from age 4 to 14 if they have born with defects in the shape of the ear. The surgery is also performed in adults if the shape of the ears is altered due to accidents. The procedure does not affect the function of the ears and the hearing property. The surgery only alters the external structural components of the ears to modify the shape and size of the ears. The ear surgery helps rectify following conditions:

  • Large ears ( a form called macrotia)
  • Protruding ears in varying degrees
  • Dissatisfaction with previous ear surgery
  • Misshaped after an accident

Ear surgery procedure

The aesthetic surgeon initiates the ear surgery procedure by administering a dose of anesthetic to reduce the pain and discomfort during the procedure. There are several methods for reshaping the ears and involves cutting the cartilage or the main outer structural module of the ear or by folding and stitching the cartilage. In both these cases, the incisions are made behind the ears that allow the access to the cartilage and minimize the visibility of incision scars. The method is chosen depending on the rectification required to the structure of the ear. After the procedure the incisions are stitched and closed.

The ear surgery generally takes two to three hours to complete. The head will be bandaged and has to be left for at least three days. The aesthetic surgeon provides instructions to fasten the healing and recovery process.

Ear surgery provides immediate results after removing the cartilage and skin tissue from protruding ears. The ears are enduringly positioned closer to the head and minimize the visibility of surgical scars with the natural creases of the ear.

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Authored By Dr. K Prem Anand - Facio Maxillary & Aesthetic Surgeon, Bangalore