General Dentistry

Anew advanced aesthetic daycare centre offers services in General dentistry department using most advanced techniques from best skilled dental surgeons. Here we are listing on services and technology used for general dentistry department.

Intra Oral Camera Examination

The intraoral camera is an instrument used in dental practice that allows the dentist to monitor and to assess the oral cavity in detail. It is used to perform a quick intrusion of the condition of the mouth and teeth and to spot chanced for any problems to occur. It helps to identify the early stages of gum disease and cavities.

An intraoral camera is a small device positioned at the end of a rod. Images captured are viewed on the monitor and allows capturing the fine distinction of the mouth, gums and teeth to an incomparable level. They are also used in designing patient record files and used by dental surgeons for pre-surgery examination.

UltraSonic Cleaning, Scaling & Polishing

Dental cleanings are a series of procedure performed by removing plaque built up on the teeth. The teeth are in continues contact with saliva which contains calcium that protects the teeth. This may lead to calcium deposits on the teeth as chalky substance and appear as scales. This can provide the adequate conditions for bacteria to grow in the area. This is when the principle of cleaning, scaling and polishing the teeth are put into use. During the process, the calcium deposits are removed and the teeth are polishes to retain the color.

Ultrasonic instruments are used to thud pieces of calcium deposits from the teeth. The instrument uses electromagnetic forces that cause rapid vibrations at a fast phase and blast away deposits and stains from the tooth surfaces. A small stream of water or antibacterial mouthwash is sprayed from the tip of the device to cool the tip and wash out debris from the area. The ultrasonic instrument tips are small and curved allowing them to easily reach all the corners of the teeth and gum. When the tooth surface is clean, a special toothpaste-like material is applied and a polishing cup is spun around on the teeth to make them glossy smooth.

Composite UV Light Fillings

Composite fillings are a mixture of plastic and glass used to fill in the cavities in the tooth. They have clay like consistency and tend to harden and shrink. The composite is bond to the teeth using UV light and looks similar to a natural tooth. The decayed tooth is cleaned and the dentist put some acid to create holes in the tooth for bonding of the composite. The acid is then washed off and the composite is filled in the space and evenly spread to ensure there are no air bubbles. Then UV light (blue light) is shone on the composite to harden.

Advantages of Composite UV light filling

  • Single paste system
  • Color stability similar to natural tooth
  • safe and effective
  • Long life warranty
  • fast curing of the composite in position with UV light

Authored By Dr. K Prem Anand - Facio Maxillary & Aesthetic Surgeon, Bangalore