Laser for Permanent Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction is a minimally invasive technique for permanent reduction or removal of unwanted facial and body hair. Permanent hair reduction using laser technique renovates the skin into smoother and silkier than any other methods of hair reduction including waxing, electrolysis or using razors. Laser hair reduction effectively treats larger skin areas with minimal discomfort and with zero downtime. Laser hair reduction is gaining popularity as common aesthetic procedures for permanent hair reduction.

At Anew advanced aesthetic day care centre, we use the FDA approved best Lumenis lightsheer systems for laser hair reduction program. The lightSheer technology is a validated and well-established method using 805nm diode laser beams for photoepilation. This facilitates customization of treatment plans to meet the client requirement by fine-tuning of accuracy, efficiency, protection, comfort, and pace.

Lumenis lightsheer systems with high peak-power and amendable pulse duration and a range of spot-sizes allow for swift treatment in all body parts. We provide cost-effective treatment services for permanent hair reduction using the laser in a short period of time. We take pride in our customers benefit from the LightSheer features and patient contentment.

When to think about Laser Permanent Hair Removal

  • Unwanted facial or body hair that lowers your feel self-conscious
  • Dark thick hair and light skin tone
  • An efficient alternative to traditional hair removal methods

Laser treatment for hair reduction program at Anew, an advanced aesthetic daycare centre endeavor the complete hair structure using the principle of selective photoepilation.

Permanent hair reduction using the laser system is programmed to efficiently treat different hair types and colors and various skin types given with maximum skin protection. The laser wavelength used, pulse period and spot dimension improve the efficiency of the treatment on various skin types and also persuade the depth of incursion and action speed.

Before the procedure

Ahead of the laser treatment, our dermatologist will assess the patient’s medical records and performs a physical inspection and discuss the expectations, possible risks and outcome of the procedure. Days prior to the treatment, patients are advised to:

  • Avoid exposure to sun
  • Do not perform any other methods of hair removal
  • Avoid perfumes and deodorants
  • Avoid certain medication such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory, and herbal supplement

Laser for Permanent Hair Removal procedure

  • Before the treatment, skin is cleansed and cooled.
  • Next, skin is compressed
  • The laser beam is focused on the area to damage the hair in the targeted location. The laser beams surpass the skin and damage the hair follicle thereby inhibiting hair growth.
  • Multiple laser hair reduction programs provide an extended hair-free phase
  • Intervallic maintenance treatments are required as per skin and hair type.

At Anew centre, we offer the best and latest techniques of laser treatment for hair reduction from qualified and trained dermatologists in an assortment of the best and latest techniques. They are best qualified and experienced specialists to evaluate and select the best treatment choice based on the individual patient’s condition. To know more about laser treatment for permanent hair removal and treatment cost, book an appointment now.

Authored By Dr. K Prem Anand - Facio Maxillary & Aesthetic Surgeon, Bangalore