Pigment Disorders with Qs-Nd Yag Laser

The Q-switched ND YAG Laser is the recent scientific development in laser technology for removing all brown spots and pigmentation from the skin. Q-switched ND Yag laser technique provides instant results in a single treatment and the outcome are remarkable and save the time factor by avoiding repeated visits to the centre. Qs-Nd Yag Laser is the best treatment available for the reduction or removal of unsightly birthmarks from any parts of the body.

Q-switching is described as a technique used in laser machine to produce high intensity beam at very short pulses. The ND Yag is a solid crystal that is used as a medium to emit laser beam near-infrared wavelength. Lumenis laser devices perform by emitting light energy with high wavelength and are focused on the targeted skin condition to heat and destroy the pigmented cells.

Advantages of Pigment Disorders with Qs-Nd Yag Laser

  • Remove brown spots and birthmarks
  • Remove freckles
  • Remove tattoos
  • Usually a one-time treatment
  • Stimulates new collagen production to improve skin tone
  • No pain and stress with zero downtime

How Does Qs-Nd Yag Laser Work for Pigment Disorders?

The Qs-Nd Yag Laser treatment causes a minor throb at the site. Most cases do not require anesthetics; however sensitive skin may require applying numbing cream few minutes before the procedure.

During the treatment procedure, laser light is passed over the targeted skin. The laser beams are microscopically shattered over the spots to breakdown the pigment into tiny particles. This breakdown process helps the body to process the particles easily and is eliminated by the body. The treatment duration is about ten minutes and is completed on an outpatient basis. Few may experience mild to moderate irritation on the treated skin and lasts for few days depending on the depth and amount of pigment to be removed.

If the laser treatment is performed to remove pigmentation on the face skin, patients are advised to take care as instructed by the Aesthetic surgeon. For other parts of the body, the patient can return to their normal activity the next day. Patients are advised to avoid sun exposure for few days after the treatment.

Who are eligible for Qs-ND Yag laser treatment?

Most skin types produce an excellent result after the treatment. Patients who have tan should make sure to remove the tan or wait until the tan shades become lighter before the treatment, to get best results.

Aftercare instructions

Aftercare instructions include applying soothing moisturizer and sunscreen whenever stepping out. The treated area should be cleaned using mild soap and gently pat dry. Patients are also advised to use fading creams after the procedure.

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Authored By Dr. K Prem Anand - Facio Maxillary & Aesthetic Surgeon, Bangalore