Anew advanced aesthetic daycare centre offers services in Prosthodontics using most advanced techniques from best skilled dental surgeons. Here we are listing on services and technology used for restoration and replacement of teeth to enhance the aesthetic appearance and self esteem.

Fixed Prosthesis

Fixed prosthesis is a permanent restoration of replacement of missed teeth with crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers. They cannot be removed by the patient and are fixed permanently on the jaw bone.

Removable Prosthesis

Removable dental prostheses are noninvasive dental dentures that can be easily removed by the patient when not required. They are supported by the surrounding tissues in the oral cavity. Removable dentures can replace a full upper or lower arch or a group of teeth using partial dentures.

Maxillo Facial Prosthesis

Maxillofacial prosthesis is used to close the gap in the upper jaw caused by removing a cancerous lump or due to birth defects. They are specialized removable dentures used for replacement of missing teeth and facial structures such as eyes, ears and noses. Osseointegrated implants are used to recreate the lost facial features.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial roots that are inserted into the jaw bone to hold the artificial tooth in position. They appear as screws that are inserted into the jaw bone. Later the artificial tooth or bridges are positioned on the dental implants are secured in positions.

Nasal, Ear, Eyeball Implants

Facial prosthesis is artificial devices used to restore a missing or deformed facial trait. The most common types of facial prostheses are the nose, eyes and ears. The facial prosthesis is crafted and molded as per client requirement and are fixed by using adhesive or bone-integrated implants. The bone integrated implants are more secure and involve inserting titanium implants into the bone and tunneled to the surface of the skin and the facial prosthesis are placed and fixed to hold in position.

BPS Dentures

Bio-functional Prosthetic System Dentures or BPS Dentures are specially designed dentures crafted by BPS certified dental technicians using cross-linked DCL polymer. The material has a high compressive strength and the dentures are distinguished by high robustness, confrontation to wear, tolerance and sturdiness. BPS dentures are accurate and fit in precisely and provide a natural aesthetic appearance.

Cast Partial Dentures

Cast Partial Denture (CPD) is a removable partial denture with a metal framework that holds artificial teeth set. They are strong, more durable and custom designed and molded to the patient requirement.

Post & Core

A post and core is a prosthetic device used to support restoration tooth. The stability of dentures depends on the supporting tissues present. If there is lack of supporting tissues, the post and core device is used to increase the stability of the dental prosthesis.

Geriatric Care

Dental issues get severe with the increase in age. At Anew advanced aesthetic day care centre, we offer geriatric dental services to solve dental issues including gum disease, tooth decay and dental replacements. Geriatric care includes the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental problems related with the aging process. Other medical conditions including diabetes can lead to gum diseases and regular checkups are necessary to prevent the rise of gum and other oral health issues. Missing teeth can be replaced using fixed or removable dentures as per client requirement.

Authored By Dr. K Prem Anand - Facio Maxillary & Aesthetic Surgeon, Bangalore