Testimonials for Lasers

1. RAVI KUMAR (PT. ID: 10079)

Very good experience. The staff was friendly and helpful. Staff was also explaining things and clearing any doubts we had. Very courteous!!! Lumenis FDA Approved Lasers they are gold standards !!!! for Laser Hair Reduction compared to Korean and Chinese technologies which are abundant in market

2. UMA (PT. ID: 10105)

Loved it.. results was unbelievable for my Acne ..a lot of attention to detail with regards to safety. Atmosphere was very serene n homely. friendly too must visit place for all your Aesthetic needs

3. UDAY (PT. ID: 10010)

An organised centre, with a very experienced set of Doctors. The treatment yielded good results. I would like to recommend this centre to my friends for high standards, safety of Lasers, wonderful Results as hardly any Centres in Bangalore use Lumenis FDA Approved Lasers

4. GIRIJA (PT. ID: 10111)

My acne aggravated more actually after taking various medications, steroids, ointments but fortunately after Lumenis laser treatment it immediately subsided followed by that by skin even tonned up and acne scars were removed as well. Awesome centre, handsome doctor overall international experience, felt like an celebrity

5. MAHIPAL (PT.ID: 10003)

The centre ppl treat the patients as their own family members and highly caring with quite a nice deluxe in house suites no need to look for an hotel stay 

6. MUNEER (PT.ID: 10033)

Skin and hair problem.
I'm not worried about it any more.
Thanks to Dr.Prem and Anew, An Advanced Aesthetic Day Care

7. IMRAN (PT.ID: 10071)

Visited For Melasma Treatment

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Wait time was reasonable

I consulted Dr. Prem for Melasma treatment and opted for Lasers with high hopes as it's an expensive treatment. I am on various treatment from last 6 weeks almost. I see some improvement in my skin texture and over all skin. However, I am still waiting to see my Melasma go away. Though I understand Melasma is little stubborn kind of pigmentation thus, I am taking this treatment.
And Lumenis made all the difference under an expertise hands like Dr Prem
Thanx a ton Anew team for setting up such an high end practise In an upcoming Locality like BSk, Bangalore

8. VERONIKA (PT.ID: 10016)

I was having hair fall for the past 2 months .Some one who is my relative at Hyderabad has suggested the name of Dr.Prem in bangalore .I went to him and he gave me a good time to express my problem suggested something called PRP with which hair fall will be stopped and regrowth takes place .Till now I had 4 sessions and my problem is solved and the baldy patch is now set in the perfect shape .he has a good caring staff and they have affordable fees for treatments . I heard that he is having an expert team in Hair transplantation i am planning it for my brother in law . 

9. YOGENDER (PT.ID: 10069)

Dr Prem is awesome! He is thoughtful* ************* and empathetic. He goes well beyond what is expected to ensure you to get the best possible treatment and his Laser Machines Lumenis hardly any clinics do have in bangslore. An absolute recommend from my end for best quality treatment and results.

10. Catherine (PT.ID: 10018)

I had one of the most wonderful experiences visiting Anew recently.
I have always been sceptic about how the doctor’s advice is directly proportional to the money he makes out of it. Dr. Prem changed that perception.
I visited him for Photo Fractional Rejuvenation treatment for my skin. I did my homework online before visiting him.
The online reviews about Photo Fractional Rejuvenation were unrealistic and when I visited him, he explained the entire concept to me in detail before going ahead with the treatment. He also set expectations right in the beginning and kept me posted with every instrument that touched my face.
Mind blowing results no wonder celebrities stay glowing all through
I highly recommend Dr. Prem for any skin and Laser needs :)
Thank you for the wonderful experience !

11. SEEMA (PT.ID: 10106)

My treatment here at Anew was my 5th consultation after a series of trial and error and finally got my lucky number right. Amazing transformation within 3 sessions, also value for money. I am more than happy with the complete package from the time I entered Anew and leave for the day after the treatment they make you feel homely with lovely greenery very well lit space unlike crumbled dark cubicles

12. MEHABOOB (PT.ID: 10020)

Visited For Skin Treatment

Tired of doing my eyebrows, upper lip, I decided to go for full face and under arms hair removal, and I made a good decision at that. I no longer have to go through the hassles of going to the parlour every week. I also feel a lot more confident. Dr. Prem and her team are simply amazing, no pain, no anaesthesia, just 10 minus your out. Most advanced FDA approved Machine for time saving, result oriented in minimum sittings

13. MASIH (PT. ID: 10021)

Visited For Acne & Scars
Treatment has helped in eliminating the acne without any medications .staff are very courteous and friendly. doctor is very good well experienced, he happens to be trained at the fashion capital of the world MILAN – Italy

14. VISHNU (PT.ID: 10093)

Visited for Tattoo Removal

The treatment was Marvellous The doctor is friendly as well. Doctor is patient enough to explain regarding the treatment. Overall, I would say it was nice just in 4 sessions its vanished with no pain no anaesthesia, it’s a scientific advancement. U cant compare Anew to any of them around for the technology and standards they have set in


Visited For Acne / Pimples Treatment

The staff and the doctor are friendly and very helpful! But the waiting time to consult a doctor or get the treatment done is bad. You need to wait an average for an hour to get anything done. I am continuing my treatment for the past 3 months *** ** **** *** ****** I am still continuing my treatment only because the reviews on google very good. Hopefully my skin gets better. Fingers crossed!!

16. LAKSHMI (PT.ID: 10059)

Consulted Dr Prem regarding laser hair removal for face and arms. Remarkable difference in arms post 2 sessions, while the face after 3 needs a one more. The package offered was great and the place/staff itself is trustworthy. Would recommend anytime.

17. MADHAVA (PT.ID: 10035)

Visited For Acne/ Pimple Scars Treatment

Dr Prem is amazing! He explains the entire treatment procedure very well. Doesn’t recommend for any unnecessary treatment and its value for money, time & mental satisfaction. I would strongly recommend him to all my contacts from different locations as well to come and meet him for all Aesthetic dermatology treatment.

18. SOWMYA (PT.ID: 10026)

My first chemical peel after consultation with doctor .so far good after my complete treatment I will post the result .Dr Prem listens to your problems and suggest the skin care routine which is helpful


Visited For Sun Burn Treatment

I would suggest Dr Prem for all skin related problems and you can see wonderful result.
Since I have visited the Anew center at BSK. I have seen good result and also my skin de tanned has reduced drastically than the way earlier it was

 20. KESHVA (PT.ID: 10039)

Visited For Acne / Pimples Treatment

Doctor is very polite. He listens to your health issues with great patience and suggests a relevant treatment , definitely it gives you a better result coz he as those FDA Approved latest Laser Machines for this technology where our Celebrities go looking for the same out of our country.

Testimonials for Dental

1. Kavya 32 / F (PT. ID: 10101)

Anew, Staff was courteous and well trained, there was no waiting time, place was very clean and hygienic.

2. Swachatha 38 / F (PT. ID: 10034)

Visited For Dental Crowns
Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time was bit more than expected
I had very good experience with Dr. Prem since I have known him from year 2001 onwards as one of his first clients when he started his practise at Prem Dento Facial Surgery Center
I was first very scared to remove my old bridge as I thought that my inner teeth below the bridge would be broken.
But Dr Prem removed my old bridge very nicely.
I had 3 root canals done by him.
I did not use any antibiotics or painkillers.
Now I got a new bridge which is really good and superior in quality with warranty card
The overall treatment went very smoothly and I am very satisfied with the treatment and not forget to mention he as come up with best in class top notch Centre infact best in Bangalore called Anew, I wish him the very best

3. Raghavachar (PT. ID: 100108)

Visited For Tooth Coloured Fillings
Hello ,
The cap and RCT were perfectly done by doctor. I highly recommend the doctor to everyone.
Wonderful five star step up with normal clinic charges.. thumbs up for tht

4. RATHNAMMA(PT. ID: 10089)

Visited For Dental Fillings, Dental Crowns, Dental mplants

Happy with Value for money,bit crowded better to get prior appointment

Since 2007 i have been going to Dentist from Delhi to Pune to Bangalore. I am thankful to Practo that I came across Dr. Prem. He is just brilliant with any tooth related issues, on top of it, he is so friendly & grounded. I have got 4 root canals done by him. It's been 3 years & i never had any issue till date . Infact he Re treated one of my tooth that other well known dentist in Bangalore suggested to extract after 2 years of root canal.
Moreover these guys are very genuine on charging money & taking ownership of their treatment

5. Massin L NOORADDIN (PT. ID: 10105)

It was a wonderful experience. The dr prem is very professional explaining in detail for every problem approached. It shows his immense experience of more than 17 years ,Definitely recommend it!! High class set up infact amazing !!!!

6. THEJAS K(PT. ID: 10096)

Words will be too less for thanking Dr.Prem. Anew (earlier Prem Dento Facial Surgery Center) is our Family clinic for our dental related issues from past 8 years. Both the doctors were the role model for the so called proffessional doctors of Multi-specialty clinics other doctors should learn from Dr.Prem on how to receive and treat and follow up the patients. He is damn quick and finishes in no time
About the treatment, no questioning about it. This type of treatment you don't get anywhere in World also a true experience of astonishing Centre you will never see anywhere
Thank you so much for providing us such a wonderful services here in Bangalore.
Best Regards

7. RAJU(PT. ID: 10077)

I would rate my experience with Anew as top in class! Up to date procedures, technology, equipment’s ( all FDA Approved) and excellent customer service..
My last visit to Anew was exactly the same as always Dr.Prem is courteous, professional, and understanding and i always enjoy my visits here i am so happy, he makes sure i know exactly what’s going on.. This is the friendliest dental clinic i have ever been to...
The staff is very professional, always smiling and pleasure to deal with keep up the great work
This is positively the best place to come for all dental needs .
Thank You
Dr. Prem
*ANEW for your all Dental needs*


It is adequately spacious well maintained hygiene and equipment’s are state of art facilities. Best part is they have dedicated VIP Lounge

9 Nitish (PT.ID 10109)

Visited For Orthodontic Treatment

Happy with Treatment satisfaction
Very much satisfied & comfortable good treatment in 2 years ...without any issues & i recommend ANEW for the patients who need orthodontic treatment that too without Braces !!!!

10 Dr. Vaibhav (PT.ID:10065)

His humble approach to patients is commendable. I have called him for issues once before a morning flight and Dr prem readily gave me an appointment at 6:00 am... very few doctors would do that. In terms of the treatment i have experienced tremendous progress and strongly recommend him. The clinic is also very well equipped. and for all the ladies out there Dr prem is extremely handsome this is what i over herd from a few patients seated next to me in the waiting lounge in my opinion and based on some amount of research Dr prem is also very easy on the pocket.

11. Lakshmana (PT.ID:10066)

ANEW Center has done linguistic orthodontics treatment and after 9 months of treatment I am very happy with the results received from the treatment. I am very thankful to Dr prem who has guided me with all relevant information, patiently explained the various benefits and then suggested the treatment based on my lifestyle. Dr prem anand is very professional and takes time to give you right advice and clarifies all questions with full commitment. I have developed total trust and confidence in his treatment and clearly recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you Dr prem for delivering the assured results and guiding me at every step :)

12. karthick M (PT ID:10050)

Visited For Fixed Partial Denture (FPD)

Dr. prem treated me with utmost care and i was terrified for root canal but was carried out totally painless, single visit thanks to the gentle hands of the doctor.. I recommend him to rest of my family and all my friends.. he will now remain our family doctor for years to come.. he is very efficient and has all latest equipment .. overall a very good experience.. God bless you sir

13 Gajalakshmi (PT ID :10051) Dr prem did a single sitting root canal . The procedure was painless and very comfortable.
ANEW is very well equipped with state of art equipments and they follow very high standard of hygiene maintenance and sterilisation procedure.
Highly recommended

Testimonials for Plastic Surgery

1. PRASHANTH (PT. ID: 10030)

No waiting for doctor at all when you take an appointment, that's I like the most which is very important in this busy days and good results of treatment.

2. SONEEKA (PT. ID: 10024)

if you need plastic surgery safe & reasonable cost go to Anew Aesthetic Day care...

3. SUMAN (PT. ID: 10025)

They don't make you wait for hours together like other fancy clinics. They get things done, with the best of results. I'm very happy, and not like they shell money out of you, it's very reasonable. I went here for my Breast Reduction , and I'm loving the way it's worked.

4. SAIRAM (PT. ID: 10081)

Visited For Reconstructive Surgery
I was worried about large grafted area and not comfortable to lead a normal life.
I decided to go for reconstructive surgery and consulted many doctors but they scared me .
None of the doctor gave me confidence to go for an surgery . One of my family friend suggested me to consult Dr. Prem.
He built confidence in me and addressed all my concerns . He is attentive towards patient needs.
He and his Team performed reconstructive surgery very well . ** ** ******* ** *** ********** *** *** ********* ** ************ I am very thankful to Dr,Prem.
I would highly recommend Dr.Prem to anyone.

5. GANGADHAR (PT. ID: 10027)

Visited For Liposuction

Walked in to Anew Aesthetic Day care and met Dr. Prem, He clearly explained what can be done and what cannot be (explained through the results of the morphed images of other patients), could clarify all my concerns (some of the them, taken in by me from the Net). With my expectation set, and hand-holding (before, during and after the procedure) I had from the Doctor, I should say I am happy with the clinical experience and the results I have had with Anew and the Doctor.

6. USHA (PT. ID: 10058)

Visited for Tummy Tuck Treatment

Very Much specialised in his profession...he is a very friendly person ....has lots of patience to answer patients doubts, very calm...overall he is a very Good Doctor and Anew team is Excellent in handling everything and best thing is they have such an wonderful suite rooms which is in par with Taj probably. I enjoyed my treatment and my family there stay at Anew.
Thanx Dr prem Dr anand and rest of the Anew family

7. SABANA (PT. ID: 10029)

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money

The doctor was friendly and listened patiently and diagnosed the problem exactly . I would strongly recommend this doctor


Visited For Hair Transplant Surgery

Me and my friend both had our hair transplant surgery done at Dr. Prem’s Anew Aesthetic Day care. It went smoothly Dr. Prem & his Team is very much experienced. His way of approach towards transplant is found to be unique he uses combination of methods during transplant so that best outcome can be leveraged from medical technology.

9. VAIBHAV (PT.ID: 10007)

I would definitely recommend Dr Prem for any Plastic Surgery related problems...I had TMJ problem since long time and the same has been treated very well .. really happy with my results..!!