Thread Lift of Face & Neck

Thread lift of face and neck is a handy alternative to traditional facelift surgery. The thread lift procedure is minimal invasive, safe and helps reduce sagging around the cheeks, jaw line, sagging eyebrows and eyelids and neck area. In this process special dissolvable clear threads are used to hold repositioned skin and tissue in place.

A Thread lift procedure is a quick process and can be completed one or two hours with the use of a local anesthetic. Tiny incisions are made in the targeted area and clear dissolvable threads are inserted through these incisions and attached to the skin tissue and pulled back. This lifts the sagging skin in the location. The pulled threads are knotted and concealed in the skin and are not visible. The results are visible immediately after the treatments.

The thread used for the facelift is of special types and are made of clear polypropylene. The threads are dissolvable and clear so that they are not visible after inserted into the skin.

Who are eligible for Thread Lift of face and neck?

Individuals who have sagging skin on the face and neck can choose thread lifting technique to improve their aesthetic appearance by lifting the sagging skin. The treatment improves the aesthetic appearance and highlights the facial features lost to premature aging or other conditions.

Thread Lift procedure

The thread lift procedure is minimal invasive process and is initiated under local anesthetic. The anesthetic surgeon begins the process by making small incisions in the targeted location and insert the threaded needle into the skin tissue and pulled back to lift the skin tissues. The barbs in the thread lock the tissue and encourage the formation of collagen in the spot to lift the area. There are several variations available in the process and is performed to meet the specific requirement of the patient. Based on this, 2 to 20 threads may be used to lift the sagging skin tissues.

Dissolvable barbed threads are used for the process to encourage collaged production in the targeted location. The barbs in the thread are embedded in the skin tissue to produce new collagen that acts as gallows to lift and hold the tissues. As part of collagen production, the cells build up moisture and increase the oxygen flow to the area and make the skin firm and youthful.

After the procedure, the anesthetic surgeon instructs on diet restrictions and to avoid sun and dust exposure. The patient may experience swelling and bruising in the treated area which can be subsided with medications.

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Authored By Dr. K Prem Anand - Facio Maxillary & Aesthetic Surgeon, Bangalore