Treatment for excessive sweating ( Miradry )

Most individuals rely on deodorants and antiperspirant to reduce the disgrace caused by excess sweating and few others on Botox injections which hardly lasts for max up to 6 months But all of these options only provide a temporary solution for the condition. Anew offers a complete and permanent single session solution for excess sweating using the most advanced FDA approved treatment methodology known as the “Miradry”

“MiraDry” is a minimally invasive treatment approach that targets and destroys the sweat glands using microwaves, without damaging other parts of the skin. Although destroying the sweat glands may sound intense, the mechanism underlying the treatment procedure is similar to using an antiperspirant, except that lasts for a lifetime. Human body needs sweat glands but not necessarily all of them. Miradry puts an end to excessive sweating and under arm bad smell permanently.


Sweating or perspiration is a normal body process to reduce the temperature developed in the body. But in some individuals, excess sweating occurs at particular body part for example underarms (Armpit) bother than the common sweating sites like the hands, feet, back, chest etc. This condition is referred to hyperhidrosis.

Causes of hyperhidrosis

Common psychological factors like stress, anxiety, nervousness are considered as the cause of aggravating their sweating. During such situations, there is an increase in the nervous system’s activity and stimulate individual sweat glands causing excess sweating. Hyperhidrosis also leads to other associated medical conditions including heat rash, bad odor, infections and lack of confidence leading to depression.

How is Miradry performed?

“Miradry” is the best clinically proven solution available for excess sweating and has been approved by the FDA. “Miradry” is a minimally invasive procedure and involves following preparatory steps:

  • Determining and preparing the location of excess sweating: This involves covering the suspected area with an iodine solution and corn starch. After few minutes the powder changes colour in the sweaty areas. These locations are marked at the top and bottom of the area to identify the MiraDry range and then the corn starch is wiped off. Next, a framework is created between the top and bottom markers to act as a guide to ensure that the entire range is treated. A pain blocker is injected to further comfort the patient.
  • The Miradry treatment: Once the location is marked and prepared, the actual treatment is initiated. The Miradry device has a monitor attached that displays the marked vicinity and the device is placed over each area on the grid for about 20 seconds. The microwaves are emitted on the marked framework and the patient may feel a vacuum like sucking sensation. The microwaves penetrate 2 mm - 5 mm below the skin to destroy the sweat glands and also along with it permanently removes the hair follicles as well (upto 70%) in that area. Meanwhile the device keeps cooling the treatment area in order to prevent damage to the superficial skin surface while the sweat glands, odor glands and hair follicles are being destroyed. The procedure takes about 20 minutes on each grid. After the treatment, an cold ice pack is applied to cool down the treated area.

Anew advanced aesthetic day care centre, offer the most advanced, painless and effective Miradry treatment practice for first time in Karnataka / Bangalore in wiping out the excess sweating completely from the underarms. To know more about Miradry and to know your chances for Under arm permanent sweat hair odor removal, book an appointment now.

Authored By Dr. K Prem Anand - Facio Maxillary & Aesthetic Surgeon, Bangalore