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Basal Implants

We offer the most affordable and highest quality immediate dental implants in Bangalore, with the option of no-cost EMIs.

Experience same-day dental implant and permanent teeth fixing at our certified ISO standard dental clinic along with most experienced facio maxillary surgeon. Our clinics in Bangalore is highly rated, with a 4.9/5 google rating.

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Basal Implants at Anew Aesthetic Bangalore

Instant Smile Renewal

Picture enjoying an improved smile and function faster than ever. Basal implants support immediate functional loading, granting you results almost instantly.

Defying Bone Constraints

Basal implants thrive in scenarios where traditional implants demand bone grafting. This means even those with minimal bone height can embrace dental implants' transformative benefits.

Remarkable Success

Basal implants boast an impressive success rate, ensuring reliability for diverse individuals, including those with medical conditions affecting bone healing.

Versatile Restoration

Whether it's one tooth, several, or a full dental arch, basal implants offer a versatile and effective solution for full smile restoration.

Efficiency Redefined

The streamlined treatment process means quicker restoration without compromising quality – an efficient path to regained confidence.

Discover the future of dental restoration at Anew. Your journey to a revitalized smile starts here.


Painless Implant Procedure


Happy Customers

Experience the advantages of Painless Implant Procedure, redefining dental restoration:

  • No bleeding, No cuts, No stitches
  • No diet restrictions
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Even in clients with poor bone quality and diabetes
  • US FDA Approved - Top notch Imported Cortical Implant
  • No cost EMI
  • Same day implant with permanent teeth fixing

Best Sr Basal Implant Surgeon in Bangalore

Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Bangalore

Dr K Prem Anand

Founder and Director, Anew Cosmetic Clinic


Dr Prem anand is the one of the top most preferred celebrity cosmetic surgeon who has 23 years of immense experience in the field of dental implants. He is presently the promoter and director of Anew Cosmetic Clinic located at Bangalore-Goa-Maldives.

He is exclusively trained and certified for basal and cortical implants by mono implants - Switzerland and clocked more than 5000 implants with 100% success rate and client satisfaction


Basal Implants
Outshine Other Methods

Rapid Results
Rapid Results

Basal Implants: Immediate function means quicker smile restoration.

Regular Implants: Longer healing phases delay outcomes.

Bone Challenges Conquered
Bone Challenges Conquered

Basal Implants: Ideal for limited bone height, reducing grafting needs.

Regular Implants: Inadequate bone might require grafting.

Success Defined
Success Defined

Basal Implants: High success rates, even for challenging cases.

Regular Implants: Success remains high but can vary.

Efficiency Counts
Efficiency Counts

Basal Implants: Streamlined process for swift, quality outcomes.

Regular Implants: Additional procedures and integration extend timelines.

Versatile Solutions
Versatile Solutions

Basal Implants: Single to full arch restorations in one solution.

Regular Implants: Versatile, but some cases demand more steps.

Boosted Confidence
Boosted Confidence

Basal Implants: Quick restoration enhances self-assurance.

Regular Implants: Longer waits can affect confidence.

Before and After
Basal Implant

Vasanthi Before and After image
Rohan Before and After image
Shyamala Before and After image
Basal Before and After image
Basal Before and After image

Disclaimer: The following images depict actual patient cases and are strictly confidential. Replication by any other individual or entity is prohibited.

Client Testimony
Basal Implant

I am scared of going to a dentist, after waiting for so long to attend to the worsening condition of my teeth, I found Dr. Prem Anand website and his procedure was what i was looking for and i had to take the leap of faith. After enduring manageable pain and discomfort i finally got my new set of teeth. Thanks Dr Prem, you are the man!


Dr Premanand , provided an efficient and professional service. I was very nervous going into the implant treatment as i had to undergo full mouth replacement on implants but the implant procedure was not as traumatic as i assumed it to be, at every level i was treated with care, Dr. Premanand is incredibly talented helpful and well performed, now i have a full set of Zirconia teeth fixed firmly in my mouth and i can eat anything in a very short span of days. The place is very pleasant and the staff is very helpful. I am delighted to recommend Dr. Prem Anand as an expert dentist.


I came from US to get my treatment done from Anew Cosmetic Clinic, Bangalore by Dr Prem Anand. I got my full lower jaw implants done and zirconia crowns fixed on both the jaws. The procedure was pain free as they used a numbing anaesthetic shots. Nice people, the work done by Dr. Prem Anand has been top rate, love my smile and it is well worth the money. Thanks to Dr Prem Anand for their quality job and dedicated service, i recommend Dr. Prem to every one out there who are in need of dental treatment.


After years of constant dental pain and regular visits to dental clinics, reached a point where i wanted a permanent solution for a healthy smile. I did my research and realised that i cannot get it done in US as it is out of my budget, so after several weeks of hesitation decided to leave my comfort zone and travel to India and approached Dr. K. Prem Anand. After initial consultation, doctor explained the entire treatment procedure in detail, knowing the process well in advance made me feel at ease, i went through the procedure in a day and my teeth were fixed on the same day, it worked out extremely well. Trust me, i did not make a mistake and it is all worth it.


All my appointments were scheduled to suit my needs and lifestyle. This i feel is rare and hard to match. I always thought the implant treatment would be painful and uncomfortable, but it was not at all the case. I am glad that I got my teeth replacement in just ONE DAY and I chose Dr. Prem Anand for approprite guidance and precision in treatment plan.


Surprisingly, I cant belive i went through all that treatment without any pain. i have my smile back, something I never expected to be so perfect. I would definitely recommend Dr. Premanand for Implant treatment, the overall experience was a magnificent balance of professional & satisfactory consequence. Thanks to Dr Prem Anand and his team. Highly recommended.


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