Tackling Sweat And Odor Is Now Easy-Peasy With miraDry

Tackling Sweat And Odor Is Now Easy-Peasy With miraDry

There has got to be a page in everyone's diary about sweat life. Ranging from consulting a doctor about your sweaty underarms to throwing out all that colour from your wardrobe. Probably by now, you might have felt like you have tried everything to fix your “sweat issues”. Deodorant experiments,“ultra” strength antiperspirants even google might have run out of answers to your sweaty questions.
Still wondering about how to reduce sweating and odor? Look no further.. Give “miraDry” a try.

miraDry - How? What? Why?

mira Dry is the one and only non-invasive, FDA cleared and TGA listed device for sweaty underarms. It doesn't involve any surgery, chemicals or aluminium and absolutely painless with no downtime.


The treatment is recommended for anyone who is 18 years old or above who wants to get rid of sweaty underarms and bad smell as well Based on the size of your underarm the target area is marked out. The steps of treatment include three magical words

  1. Prep
  2. Numb - With local anaesthetic (pain free procedure)
  3. Treat -The activated handset focuses microwave energy on appropriate Sweat and Odor Glands. The tissues and surrounding skin is protected by active cooling.

All these are performed in 1 to 1.5 hour, in a painless patient friendly environment

The bright side – miraDry:

  • Quick and easy treatment
  • Proven effective in permanent sweat and odor reduction and hair removal (up to 70%)
  • Promising lifelong results of sweat and odor related problems.

Keeping it real - the side effects:

A slight bruise or swelling is experienced that generally clears off within the first few days. Compensatory sweating is experienced in other sweat removal techniques. However, word “rebounding” is in no way associated with this technology. miraDry removes sweat glands but it doesn't stop the body from cooling itself.

Sweat-free days:

  • The ANEW (new you) feel confident and is no more embarrassed.
  • There's no more yellowing or staining
  • New clothes and more colours are back in stock in your wardrobe.
  • As the effects are long lasting you do not have to worry about sweating or bad smell again.
  • miraDry protects you against irritation too.

Good news alert - you're in control of sweat and odor !

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