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Why should you opt for a pre-bridal makeover at ANEW?

Getting married is a special milestone in almost every person’s life and looking flawless on your special day comes right after. We all want to look perfect in the wedding pictures and in public where you are the center of attraction.

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Look Young! Feel Good! Because You Deserve It – TOX Peel Program

Tox Peel Program, a new kind of skin lifting treatment that slows down the aging process. This multifunctional treatment works on all phases of skin aging such as discoloration, looseness, and loss of glow. In this Tox peel program, alpha-hydroxy acids and biomimetic peptides mix turn as an alternative to Botox and assure a sturdy lifting effect identical to the afte

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A Farewell To Stretch Marks - Consider Laser Treatment

Stretch marks (also known as striae distensae) are common form of dermal scarring that appears on the skin as hypopigmented, erythematous or violaceous linear striations. Stretch marks occur when the skin is suddenly stretched and they are awfully common. Anyone can develop stretch marks, while they tend to affect more women than men. This kind of skin scarring

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Tackling Sweat And Odor Is Now Easy-Peasy With miraDry

There has got to be a page in everyone's diary about sweat life. Ranging from consulting a doctor about your sweaty underarms to throwing out all that colour from your wardrobe. Probably by now, you might have felt like you have tried everything to fix your “sweat issues”. Deodorant experiments,“ultra” strength antiperspirants even google might have run out of answers to your sweaty questions.

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Bangalore Times Fashion Week With ANEW

"Bangalore Times Fashion Week" is ready to amaze the Bangalore Fashion Industry... Bangalore Times, supplementary of Times Of India is conducting a grant event “Bangalore Times Fashion Week" on 25th and 26th may 2018 @ Bangalore with ANEW as their official cosmetic partner 2018.

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Women's Day Special Offer On Fat Removal Treatment at Rs. 62000 Only

Women are the most beautiful creation of God. On this wonderful Women's day, let all the women on earth be happy. Don't be worried about your over weight any more......Anew Advanced Aesthetic Day Care Centre is here for you to change your life.

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Explore Your Beauty With Laser Treatment In Bangalore

What is laser treatment?

Laser treatment is a kind of medical treatment that is used focused light to treat the desired body part. The laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation and uses specific wavelengths to develop focus by providing powerful beams. Laser treatment permit doctors to perform surgeries with a high level of precision and help them to focus on the targeted small area.

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It is no wonder the anti-aging industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars with the myriad of popular creams, lotions, and supplements. But, there is one cutting edge treatment you might not have ever heard of and it’s called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

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Sanjjanaa Galrani

Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to some of the Best Cosmetic Surgeons in India. Let me Name one of the Best Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon in Bangalore.India has progressed a lot in medical science in the recent decades and Indian doctors are famous worldwide for their patience and medical skills. India is a global destination for plastic and cosmetic surgeries as it provides economical treatment at world class standards.

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Skincare & Skin Glowing Tips in Monsoon by Anew

Skincare & Skin Glowing Tips in Monsoon by Anew

Monsoon season brings a lot of relief after the unbearable heat in summers. But any how, accompanies a lot of issues; skin, for example, needs most extreme care and nurturing in this season.

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